Chicken Adobo Recipe

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by Phil513, Sep 29, 2008.

    Sep 29, 2008
  1. Phil513 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Here is my recipe for a filipino dish called Adobo. Its incredibly good, and easy to make. Just throw the contents in a pot, go about your business, come back when its done.

    I get the family pack of wings, cut them into the drumstick and "other part"
    Toss them in a pot.
    Some garlic, i use about 5 good sized cloves
    1/3 cup vinegar
    1/3 cup soy sauce
    1/4 Oyster sauce (asian section at the local market)
    about 30 or so peppercorns

    Just let that simmer on medium heat for about 45 min to an hour, watch for the sauce to thicken.

    serve over rice. I havent run into a singe person that didnt love it.
  2. Sep 29, 2008
  3. Mark Wein :mad:

    I like that its a "wings" recipe ;D
  4. Sep 29, 2008
  5. Phil513 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    You bet it is. hahaha.

    Actually, i dump a bunch of that "rooster" asian hot sauce in also, but that turns some people off, so i only do that for myself.
  6. Sep 29, 2008
  7. Mark Wein :mad:

    My current poison of choice is the "Tapatio". For some reason I can't get enough of it...
  8. Sep 29, 2008
  9. Phil513 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I usually have 3 or 4 different kinds on hand. I dont have tapatia right now, i have that one with the wooden cap, cholula i think it is.

    And i have the rooster one, tabasco, franks red hot, and some other asian one. ;D
  10. Sep 29, 2008
  11. Mark Wein :mad:

    Since I've been dieting my hot sauce consumption is the only thing keeping me sane. I tried some Cholula the other day and didn't enjoy it as much as Tapatio...
  12. Sep 29, 2008
  13. Phil513 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I shall buy a bottle of tapatia next. I forget what it tastes like.

    I would like to find a local specialty hot sauce store, i dont know of one in the temecula/murrieta area. maybe in escondido here. I'd like to branch out a bit.
  14. Sep 29, 2008
  15. Mark Wein :mad:

    I'm not sure I want to get that "into" hot sauce ;D

    The only specialty one I know of is in Long Beach....

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