When Is The Cover Fest Reveal Deadline?

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by jrockbridge, Jun 2, 2010.

    Jun 2, 2010
  1. jrockbridge Stealing Your Riffs

    I've got a simple idea for turning a rock song into country. I don't play country music, so this should be a little bit challenging for me. Perhaps, I should find a country song to turn into a rock song just in case.
  2. Jun 2, 2010
  3. Kerouac weird musical dildo

    I have no idea, but I haven't started a single song. :weebz:
  4. Jun 2, 2010
  5. Dexter Inferno Serious error

    Fuck. Completely forgot about that one. :weebz:
  6. Jun 2, 2010
  7. jrockbridge Stealing Your Riffs

    Maybe, we have a few weeks. :idk: I can throw something together in a few days as long as it doesn't have to be good. In fact, extra time probably won't add much polish to anything I do. :weebz:
  8. Jun 2, 2010
  9. Kerouac weird musical dildo

    TO be completely honest, I always finish mine the night before. So I guess the deadline doesn't really matter. :p
  10. Jun 2, 2010
  11. Dexter Inferno Serious error

    Sounds horribly familiar. :weebz:
  12. Jun 2, 2010
  13. Kerouac weird musical dildo

    I mean I may *start* early but it never gets finished until right before. Probably why my mixes always suck. :weebz:
  14. Jun 2, 2010
  15. Knox in Box Rustbelt refugee.

    I think it's due on the 31st of June.

    I just have to sing and learn how to play like Joe Pass and I'll be done.
  16. Jun 2, 2010
  17. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    That does rather resemble my songs as well - though I sometimes finish one day early....
  18. Jun 2, 2010
  19. Mark Wein :mad:

  20. Jun 2, 2010
  21. Kerouac weird musical dildo

  22. Jun 2, 2010
  23. Jkater new member

    My wife and I recorded a cover of "something stupid" but it's not particularily different than what you'd expect that song to sound like (based on Nicole & Robby's version) so I guess it doesn't qualify. I played everything on it: drums, percussions, bass, electric, nylon... and I sing. :weebz:

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  24. Jun 2, 2010
  25. Gary Blanchard Aging Hippie Folkster

    I hope not. :eek: :confused:
  26. Jun 2, 2010
  27. Kerouac weird musical dildo

    'Tis true. Ish. 29th I think. :weebz:
  28. Jun 2, 2010
  29. Kerouac weird musical dildo

    'Tis true. Ish. 29th I think. :weebz:
  30. Jun 2, 2010
  31. gibby mcfender breast enthusiast

    Are there any guidelines here or is it just covering any cover from any genre and submit?
  32. Jun 2, 2010
  33. jelloman couch'd tater...

    anything goes...just re-invent a song and have at it...
  34. Jun 2, 2010
  35. Mark Wein :mad:

  36. Jun 2, 2010
  37. Dexter Inferno Serious error

    The theme is recording a cover of a song in a different style/genre than the original, but you can submit anything you want really.
    Themes here are more of a challenge for those of us who like that really. ;)
  38. Jun 2, 2010
  39. gibby mcfender breast enthusiast

    As in genre-crossing?

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