Top 10 Innovative Ice Cream Flavors

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Occasionally, we all scream for ice cream—whether while running after the neighborhood’s Pop Goes the Weasel-blaring truck or on one of the sweltering days of summer. But when’s the last time an ice cream flavor made you want to scream? The extraordinary examples below, including a Blue Cheese and Caramelized Shallot creation and a Curry Carrot concoction, are so unusual in their ingredients and flavor pairings that they’re sure to provoke some sort of reaction from you—whether of pleasure, confusion or just plain brain freeze. That’s the scoop; now, dig in!

    Candied Bacon Ice Cream


    Curious to see what would result from marrying all his favorite ingredients together, The Perfect Scoop author David Lebovitz got to work combining bacon, eggs and a healthy dose of calories (i.e. butter and half-and-half) to produce this one-of-a-kind creation. After candying thick strips of bacon with a generous sprinkle of brown sugar, Lebowitz crumbled the crispy-sweet strips into a batch of homemade rum-flavored ice cream. Photo courtesy of James Boo/

    Curry Carrot Ice Cream


    Not Eating Out In New York blogger Cathy Erway adapted this unique dish from a recipe she found in cookbook Asian Ice Cream for You and Your Kids. By putting a Western spin on the volume’s Japanese Curry Ice Cream recipe, she ended up with an icy concoction that combines heavy cream, milk, coconut milk, egg yolks, brown sugar, curry powder, a squirt of lemon or lime and shredded carrots. Photo courtesy of Cathy Erwa/

    Bourbon and Cornflake Ice Cream


    San Francisco-based ice cream shop Humphrey Slocombe, owned and operated by chef Jake Godby, has been frozen in the spotlight for their bizarre flavor combinations, including Strawberry Candied Jalapeno, Balsamic Caramel and Pistachio-Bacon. The photo above depicts their “Secret Breakfast” flavor—a creamy vanilla ice cream that’s spiked with bourbon (the “secret” part) and cornflakes (the “breakfast” portion). Godby has been quoted in the New York Times as saying, “There's a whole world out there beyond chocolate, strawberry and vanilla…I'm just trying to have some fun.” We’ll say. Photo courtesy of Food Nut/

    Caviar Ice Cream


    Sweet tooths be warned: The main ingredient in this scoop—60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar—means this dish isn’t destined for the dessert course. The exclusive (and expensive) offering of gourmet French ice cream company, Philippe Faur, this concoction is arguably the most unusual addition to the company’s lineup of 73 impressive flavors. Though only available in France, curious global consumers can get the product shipped internationally in special packaging that prevents melting for up to 72 hours. Photo courtesy of

    Blue Cheese and Caramelized Shallot Ice Cream


    This pungent creation made its ironic debut at a book launch for a new ice cream and dessert volume, The Book of Sweet Things. Irish brothers and co-authors Sean and Kieran Murphy set out to showcase a local blue cheese in this groundbreaking dish, which they describe as a flavor only fit for the non-faint of heart. Ingredients include sugar, egg yolks, cream, milk, milk blue cheese (they used Ireland’s Wicklow Blue), banana shallots and butter/oil. Photo courtesy of

    Fig & Goat Cheese Swirl Ice Cream


    Mike’s Table—a blog which features the “experiences, experiments and edible things” hailing from Florida-based chef Michael Mulligan’s kitchen—holds the birthright to this creamy concoction. Inspired by the simple yet wonderful flavor pairing between figs and cheese, he created separate batches of fig and goat cheese ice cream, which were then mixed together to produce this gorgeous pink-and-aubergine hued masterpiece that carries the distinct, tangy flavor of goat cheese. Photo courtesy of Mike/

    Sweet Corn Ice Cream


    When Kevin from Toronto grew tired of his uninspired meals and eating habits, he started a blog called Closet Cooking, which became his platform for trying and sharing new and unique recipes—one of which is the Sweet Corn Ice Cream shown above. The simple directions include simmering a whole corn cob in heavy cream and milk for 10 minutes before adding corn kernels, sugar, vanilla extract and egg yolk into a simmering pan; once the substance is suitably thickened, it’s chilled and loaded into an ice cream maker for the final transformation from veggie to dessert. Photo courtesy of Kevin/

    Soy Sauce Sorbet


    Jessica Su’s low-fat creation only has four ingredients: water, sugar, low-sodium soy sauce and orange zest (though vodka is AN optional ingredient that helps prevent the sorbet from freezing into a block of ice). After many experiments, even the innovative chef ultimately decided that soy sauce is a little too odd for desserts, but we still applaud her free-thinking initiative. Photo courtesy of Jessica Su/

    Japanese Black Sesame Ice Cream


    The dark hue of this ice cream—set off here by a rosy stick of Strawberry Pocky—is what first turned us onto (or off?) this frosty offering. A creamy, milky and sugary blend of ground and roasted black sesame seeds, the ebony-colored concoction is one of many similar nutty ice cream flavors that’s commonly featured on restaurant menus around Japan. Photo courtesy of

    Balsamic Strawberry Ice Cream


    Bi-Rite Creamery is an ice cream shop in California that’s known for showcasing local and organic ingredients in their many icy treats, including ice cream, granitas, sorbets and popsicles. Their flavor offerings change rapidly, due to the seasonality of the local fruits, but on their menu now is a Balsamic Strawberry confection that melds sweet organic summer strawberries from a local farm with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. Photo courtesy of Jonas/
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    Oh god no.
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    Dude, what were you doing reading woman's day?
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    Mrs Wein keeps sending me this stuff...the Meat Dress yesterday was one of her contributions...not yet ready to register, though...
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    Seriously... none more fail....:facepalm:
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    Y U C K !!!

    gah Let me have my all caps!!!! gah
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  15. 2manband Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I'd try some of those

    Sweet corn - sure, why not.

    Curry Carrot - I'd give that a go

    Bourbon and Corn Flake - probably pretty good

    Fig and Goat Cheese - Also probably good

    The rest are pretty disgusting, tho.

    Keep in mind that when food's cold the flavors become a lot weaker, so it's probably not as strongly flavored as you would expect. When I was a kid, my dad used to gross us out by putting black pepper on his ice cream. Turns out you can't taste it at all - he was just messing with us. My dad also used to tell us that hay bales were giant Shredded Wheats, and that the printing on my shirt was backwards (go look in the mirror and see for yourself) but that's a different story.
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    * takes notes for future messing with my kids *

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    my dad got me to eat napkins by telling me it would put hair on my chest.
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    Two of those, Bourbon & Cornflake and Balsamic Strawberry, actually sound pretty good.

    The rest, since they are dairy related, have earned this...

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    You know, I'd try just plain blue cheese ice cream. Lose the shallots, though. And not chunks of blue cheese...kinda creamed throughout the mix.

    Maybe I'll pull out the ice cream maker this summer and do some ice cream Monster Garage. :idea:
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    This tastes bloody good actually.
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    Disturbing thread is disturbing. :weebz:
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    Bourbon and Cornflake sounds fucking awesome. :aok:
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    I think I can agree with this....:p
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    Sounds like my father's mate's breakfast: Scotch on porridge. Needless to say he's a Scotsman.
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    Breakfast of champions. :annoyed:

    Aside from the bourbon/cornflake ice cream, I'd really like to try the black sesame one. This is largely for a desire to eat black ice cream. :weebz:
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  37. Eminence_Front Osiris Chickenfingers

    Oooh Bourbon Ice Cream. Kentucky boy likey...

    They did an experiment on Alton Brown's show a couple weeks back where they determined that about 60% of the alcohol you cook with , can be retained in the food.

    I wonder if it packs a buzz ?
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  39. Bernie Franks Mayor McMojo

    That was on Food Detectives, not an Alton Brown show. I feel bad for knowing that. :weebz:

    But I really want the recipe for the bourbon cornbread. That sounds like one of the greatest things ever.

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