Tell me why I should not get a Big Muff.

Discussion in 'The Pedalboard' started by BB123, May 22, 2012.

    May 22, 2012
  1. BB123 Facepalmist

    I've been wanting one for a while now, and I just got paid so I have the extra cash to do so. I'm looking for something kinda like this:

    And maybe some even :jimi:

    So tell me why I shouldn't get one.
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  2. May 23, 2012
  3. Tig covfefe!

    If you gotta' have it, well, get it! The price makes it a good buy.

    But there are so many fuzz pedals out there...
    The Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 gets my attention.

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  4. May 23, 2012
  5. BB123 Facepalmist

    The price is the main thing that attracts me to it. Don't wanna spend much more than that. :p
  6. May 23, 2012
  7. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    that's a Supafuzz and a fuzzface. not a big muff.

    i like the Mojo Hand Colossus. it's a big muff with a mids control, and it really runs the gamut of muff tones.

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  8. May 23, 2012
  9. BB123 Facepalmist

  10. May 23, 2012
  11. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

  12. May 23, 2012
  13. Goldtop11 Mojo & Blues

    You sir, have great taste in music. That's probably my favorite Black Keys song. :aok:

    I know Dan uses a Big Muff in his rig. (I think it's the russian version or something.) Here's his rig rundown.

    That being said, I have no clue if he used a Big Muff on that actual song, because that fuzz sound is pretty raunchy. It sounds closer to something like this.

    It's got that dyeing battery sound to me. Dan's also got a Nu-Fuzz and a Companion fuzz in there, and I have no clue what the heck those things do. idn_smilie

    Personally, I think you're on the right track with a Big Muff. Especially if you want to cop some :jimi: tones and other stuff. :cool:
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  14. May 23, 2012
  15. PunkKitty Uppity bitchy old cat

    Sex changes are expensive and a massive pain in the ass. Don't get one unless you need one.
  16. May 23, 2012
  17. BB123 Facepalmist

  18. May 23, 2012
  19. BB123 Facepalmist

    And now I see this in the spam thread on HC :weebz: I don't have an OD, and supposedly this can sound close to one. The main thing I fear with fuzz is how much I would actually use it. If I got one more versatile like that, it might be more useful :idk:
  20. May 23, 2012
  21. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    sounds too splatty for me.
  22. May 23, 2012
  23. BB123 Facepalmist

    Tbh anything I get will be a crapshoot, videos online can really tell me so much. I'll probably just settle on one and hope I like it :weebz: I'm a pedal noob, so i've got some learning to do before I know exactly what I want.
  24. May 23, 2012
  25. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    why not go try some first? there are big differences in the basic circuits and at least you'd be able to identify what you're looking for.
  26. May 23, 2012
  27. BB123 Facepalmist

    Live in a very rural place, not many shops around here. And those don't stock much, really.
  28. May 24, 2012
  29. Tig covfefe!

  30. May 24, 2012
  31. BB123 Facepalmist

    I went through the spam thread again and found a Way Huge Swollen Pickle for 85, and Earthquaker Dream Crusher for 105. :weebz: I believe I have seen some posts about the Pickle on here, and the Dream Crusher sounds pretty good from this:

    Also, thanks for the advice so far, I know I don't sound like I know what I want, cause I really don't. :lol:
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  32. May 24, 2012
  33. Tig covfefe!

    Yep, the Way Huge Swollen Pickle is a worthy pedal. 85 is a sweet deal.
    I have no experience with the Dream Crusher.
  34. May 24, 2012
  35. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    MTR !
  36. May 24, 2012
  37. BB123 Facepalmist

    Emailed the guy about the Swollen Pickle. 85 is not including shipping and he's in Canada I think, so i'll have to see how much it'll be if the pics look good.
  38. May 24, 2012
  39. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Because you should get the shin-ei instead.

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