snow day!

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by Peeker, Nov 25, 2010.

    Nov 25, 2010
  1. Peeker jerkass

    no work for us.
    highways are bad.

    now I got some time to work on that tune for recodingfest:D

    hope the plows are out by tomorrow, Friday's payday:annoyed:
  2. Nov 25, 2010
  3. Peeker jerkass


  4. Nov 25, 2010
  5. John Watt Banned

    I like your photo, the way the falling snow adds a psychedelic element, but wait, no, no, now that I'm looking,
    I'm entranced.
    This reminds me of a Canadian winter version of Andrew Wyeths' painting of the girl in a field crawling towards a barn,
    and I'm wondering who made those tracks, did they fall and get back up, and whose darkened homes are those in the distance,
    and why are the tracks veering away? Is someone being hurt, and chased, or are they disoriented from the cold,
    ready to become one of those Canadians who freezes to death within sight, or within yards of their home.
    This reminds me of all those old Canadian winters, before global warming hit the Niagara Peninsula.
    Not even a frost here yet.
  6. Nov 25, 2010
  7. Peeker jerkass

    there are no homes in the distance in that pic.
    my backyard opens onto emptiness.

    as for the tracks in the snow, the hooker is resting comfortably in my freezer now.
  8. Nov 25, 2010
  9. Wilmer X SG-smasher

    It´s snowing over here too. Way too early, we often use to discuss if it´s gonna be snow for Christmas. In the North of Sweden it´s more than 35C, and thats a lot in November. Every time the weather is like this I remember when I studied archeology in the early 90s, and there was a student in my class who came from California. He wrote his bachelor essay on the first settlers in Sweden, who arrived when the Ice age disappeared some 8000 years ago. The title was "Why They Came". I often wonder the same. :(
  10. Nov 25, 2010
  11. Dexter Inferno Serious error

    Meanwhile, in Eastern Norway it's -20C and almost no snow - meaning really fucking cold.
    I'd have liked if we get a half of meter or so of snow before the cold temps set in, but no... :mad:

    I still hate winter. :weebz:
  12. Nov 25, 2010
  13. Peeker jerkass

    we're around the same temps, Dex.
    and the wind is up too.
  14. Nov 25, 2010
  15. Dexter Inferno Serious error

    Yeah, I know Canada is similar in climate. :weebz:

    I got firewood, so I won't freeze to death at home. :D

    Hopefully it doesn't stay like that for 3 months this winter. I'll gladly take a few mild days every once in a while. ;)
  16. Nov 25, 2010
  17. Peeker jerkass

    sure would be nice.

    they're calling for -3 tomorrow...:confused:
  18. Nov 25, 2010
  19. John Watt Banned

    Tell you what.
    Because of the new row of highrise buildings on the top of the escarpment, along Niagara Falls,
    there are stronger winds, enough to make locals complain about the mist creating more of a micro-climate,
    getting everyone wetter with stronger, channeled winds.
    But when that happens with rain and it's freezing, I'll take some pics of the wild wind-blown ice formations,
    that cover the surrounding trees and buildings.
    That's if it gets that freezing this year. Maybe ten years ago, absolutely no snow until the second week of February.
    And then it melted.

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