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    Oct 10, 2011
  1. Mark Wein :mad:

    So I've played a few gigs with the Warmoth and Bassman. The Warmoth still needs neck adjustment but I'll do that today. The Bassman is pretty loud for what I'm doing and I think I might have a speaker wired out of phase or something. I might tear the cab apart this week and rewire it.

    This morning I started wondering if the problem with my Deluxe was only in the reverb channel so I'm doing to set everything up this week and teach classes with my pedalboard going into the normal channel and see what that sounds like and if it craps out there, too.

    When I got to the gig on Saturday I spent a little time programming a washy and mostly imperceptible delay patch that gave a little depth to my tone without cluttering it up. The reverb pedal (which you would think would be perfect for this) doesn't seem to take the edge off of the hard attack of the guitar...kind of hard to explain but this really helped without being obvious....

    One thing about the Warmoth with the hotter Suhr pickups is that the guitar hits the front end of everything a lot harder than my Suhr classic with the more "vintage" style pickups...where I used to stack multiple drive pedals to get sounds now I'm mostly running one pedal at a time. The Warmoth sounds way better with my Deluxe in my office, too. I'm playing Friday and Saturday this week and I'd like to get some things settled by then.
  2. Oct 10, 2011
  3. Mark Wein :mad:

    Also, if I thought I could get enough money for it I'd consider selling the bassman but I don't think the return would net me enough cash to buy a worthwhile replacement.
  4. Oct 10, 2011
  5. Chad bedroom widdler

    What kind of cab are you running with the bassman? 2x12?
  6. Oct 10, 2011
  7. Mark Wein :mad:

    Yeah...with Greenbacks in it:


    Also, it needs to be mic'd and run through the PA and it's way too loud to do that. Otherwise it's like seeing Van Halen in 1976.
  8. Oct 10, 2011
  9. Chad bedroom widdler

    Maybe disconnect one of the speakers, if one can handle the power. and/or get/build an attenuator?
  10. Oct 10, 2011
  11. Mark Wein :mad:

    I've done the attenuator thing before, but I sold it a while ago. I'll have to check into the impedance issue with the speaker. I also have a 1x12 but it has a 16 ohm speaker in it so there is no clean headroom.
  12. Oct 10, 2011
  13. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    That amp setup looks exactly like what the rhythm guitar player in Cage The Elephant was running last night. It was on the other side of the stage from us, but it was definitely a BF Bassman head running into a Fender 2 x 12 cab.
  14. Oct 11, 2011
  15. Mark Wein :mad:

    So I tried playing a couple of classes last night through my Deluxe Reverb on the normal channel and it seemed to work fine the whole time. I've never really liked that channel as much as the vibrato channel on that amp but I figured I would give it a spin and it appears that maybe the issue with that amp is in the vibrato channel only. Since I'm really reworking all of my sounds anyway I was able to dial in some pretty cool tones with the Warmoth and needed very little pedal was very big sounding and I think it'll be fine for right now....if I can shoot a little video I'll give it a spin this afternoon....
  16. Oct 11, 2011
  17. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    I always use the vibrato channel on my DRRI as well, but I know on the BF setup the regular channel is not quite as treble heavy (the big issue with the DRRIs).
  18. Oct 11, 2011
  19. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    The normal channel doesn't have the bright cap. Clip the bright cap on the vibrato channel and it'll sound much better with dirt pedals.
  20. Oct 11, 2011
  21. Mark Wein :mad:

    I'm not sure how mine stacks up to a black face amp anymore or even a regular Silverface. It was modded and de-modded but who knows what that really means and it also has the Greenback in it. I think that since I started from scratch on how I'm managing my sounds and the instrument I'm using has more output didn't matter as much though. It's nice to not stack pedals so much anymore though.
  22. Oct 11, 2011
  23. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    I have heard that, though mine does not sound bad with pedals as it is. But I run the treble on about 3 most of the time. I would be afraid to do that mod myself though...
  24. Oct 13, 2011
  25. Mark Wein :mad:

    So I think I'm going to play this weekends gigs with the Deluxe on the Normal channel and see how it goes. It's much more useful sounding than the Bassman at this point and seems to be working fine.
  26. Oct 13, 2011
  27. Elias Graves Common misfit

    Mmm. Bassman.
    I love those things, but I have zero need for anything like that.

  28. Oct 13, 2011
  29. Mark Wein :mad:

    It's a bit much for me, too.
  30. Oct 15, 2011
  31. Mark Wein :mad:


    Tonight's rig. I'm ruminating between the second and third sets right now. Going to try the Suhr for the last set and see what it sounds like. I'm tempted to swap pick guards between instruments just to hear wht they sound like.

    Tr deluxe is working fine on the normal channel although I think my pedalboard is due for some new cables :mfp:

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  32. Oct 15, 2011
  33. Mark Wein :mad:


    Ok. All set for the next set. I forgot how easy the Suhr plays next to the Warmoth. It's like I've been jogging with weights tied to my ankles.

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  34. Oct 16, 2011
  35. Mark Wein :mad:

    so....after two nights in a row here's where I'm at....

    The obvious instrument for the gig is my Suhr. The Deluxe Reverb works fine on the normal channel and because of the change in the stage setup I'm now getting away with running the amp a little louder so the need to stack drive pedals to get sounds at low volumes has gone away. Which means that everything sounds better and I'm spending less time screwing with gear and more time actually performing. Since we've gone to an all active speaker PA system the stage mix is also a lot cleaner and Dominic is running a stereo FOH mix so he puts a little extra guitar in the opposite site of the PA from me so that everything is more balanced in the room. Everything is also a little thicker sounding because of the amount of guitar in the FOH mix, too. I still think I'd like to trade the BB Preamp in for something else but just running things like this makes everything better already....and I have a good backup guitar for the gig with my Warmoth and I'll practice and teach on it to cut down on the wear and tear on the Suhr and with the wider string spacing its forcing me to pick a little better on gigs...

    I guess things are pretty good for the moment :)
  36. Oct 16, 2011
  37. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Awesome :thu: Do you know what you are going to replace the BB with yet?
  38. Oct 16, 2011
  39. Mark Wein :mad:

    I really dig the Carl Martin pedal we've been talking about this week. It's a bit pricey for me at the moment though...I could sell the BB Preamp but I also need a few pedals for use around the studio so I've been not wanting to get rid of the better ones.

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