Pedal of the Day - Diamond Memory Lane Jr.

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    May 23, 2012
  1. Mark Wein :mad:

    [h=1]Diamond Memory Lane Jr[/h]
    The Diamond Memory Lane Jr is here. The little brother to the Memory Lane 2, the Jr is a delay pedal that takes a unique approach to digital delay. Bucket brigade chips have a variable sample rate modulation that helps them create that unique tone. The Diamond Memory Lane Jr utilizes this same concept on a digital scale while adding custom, analog anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters and companding to produce a gorgeous delay tone with the clarity of pristine digital repeats while still retaining that analog warmth and feel of the Memory Lane. The digital sampling engine of the Diamond Memory Lane Jr does nothing but copy, delay, and reproduce the signal, all signal paths to and from the sampling engine are analog.
    [h=2]Diamond Memory Lane Jr[/h]
    Besides great tone, the Diamond Memory Lane Jr has a few other features that set it apart. First, the delay time can be tapped by foot and the Tap Tempo switch can be held down for a moment to double the delay time. There is also a momentary switch for subdividing the repeats into dotted eighth notes as well as eighth note triplets. Internally there are dip switch settings that allow for switching between true bypass function or buffered bypass with delay trails. These dip switches also allow for changing the Diamond Memory Lane Jr into "kill dry" mode, perfect for parallel effects loops. Other features of the Diamond Memory Lane Jr include 16-1200ms delay time and built in modulation that is rich and lush, perfect for the ethereal repeats. The Diamond Memory Lane Jr is the new kid on the block and with a rich feature set, incredible tone, and easy usability it won't be going anywhere soon except for pedal boards across the world.
    [h=3]Diamond Memory Lane Jr Features:[/h]
    • True Bypass or Buffered Trails
    • 16-1200ms Delay Time
    • Tap Tempo with Double Time
    • Dotted Eighth or Eighth Note Triplets
    • Kill Dry Function
    • Modulation Control
    • Standard -9vdc Operation (power supply not included)
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  3. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    i dunno. Diamond stuff seems awful spendy. at $100 less, definitely.

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