Paulski's Sunday Happy Thread

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by paulskirocks, Jul 11, 2010.

    Jul 11, 2010
  1. paulskirocks Blue Zone Compliant

    Yep, time to piss off all of Weiner's whiners by wishing you a happy, peaceful day! :)
  2. Jul 11, 2010
  3. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

    Word. Right back at you. I plan to watch the F1 race, drink some beer, and play with my kids all day.
  4. Jul 11, 2010
  5. Cool. Back to you as well. We got to sleep in today, and are seeing what we are doing after a bunch of thunderstorms last night. We are recording the football final to watch a bit later too. Everyone have a great day!
  6. Jul 11, 2010
  7. John Watt Banned

    Thank you. You too! It's a sunny and calm, beautiful day today.
    I'll be hitting the sunshine on my bicycle, walking around too,
    and now that I've got my apartment set up the way it is, I'll work on my guitar.
    Except for new strings and setting the intonation, I've got everything for today.

    More than ever, the whole world should be saying a prayer for the whole world.
  8. Jul 11, 2010
  9. mosiddiqi The Curry Master

    And you!..really warm and sunny again, spent the morning resealing the kitchen surfaces, just getting psyched for the World Cup final (Go Holland!)..and thinking about what to prepare for dinner..probably grilled fish and salad...I've been relearning some Randy Rhoads stuff in-between writing guitar parts for some new songs of ours so probably do some playing after the football too.

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