OMG Politics, I'm over it already Mk II, Electric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by Tiltsta, May 26, 2017.

    May 26, 2017
  1. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

    Time to switch to a new politics thread.

    We were pushing up against the 999 page unofficial thread limit.

    Carry on.
  2. May 26, 2017
  3. rhino Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Let it die, like the illusion of democracy.


    *pours one out for Tom Petty*

    *spits again*
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  4. May 26, 2017
  5. Theodore Pingüino Rodríguez

    This forum runs on mechanical odometer technology.
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  6. May 26, 2017
  7. VoidTerraFirma I’m a fool to do your dirty work...

    It's Grilling Season!
  8. May 26, 2017
  9. GomezAddams Wandering and wondering

    Should have just locked it. Thread is kind of like masturbation: fun, but not accomplishing a damn thing.
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  10. May 26, 2017
  11. sonik Motor City Madman

    My OCD cannot handle this shit. Good luck gents - I'm out.

  12. May 26, 2017
  13. BlockInlay Stay on target.

    I like this thread and hope to see it hit another 999 pages. I think this forum has some really smart people and I enjoy the discussions. Even when it goes off the rails or I disagree with something.
  14. May 26, 2017
  15. Chad Poop Knife Aficionado

  16. May 26, 2017
  17. VoidTerraFirma I’m a fool to do your dirty work...

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  18. May 26, 2017
  19. Help!I'maRock! Quaalude Moonlight Graham

    I am disappointed thread title does not contain the words "Electric Boogaloo".
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  20. May 26, 2017
  21. Tig Texas retard

    I'm torn between
  22. May 26, 2017
  23. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

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  24. May 26, 2017
  25. VoidTerraFirma I’m a fool to do your dirty work...

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  26. May 26, 2017
  27. Theodore Pingüino Rodríguez

    Disappointed thread title isn't "Internet's largest collection of Trump links."
  28. May 26, 2017
  29. Peen Simmons Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Political Thread II: Humpty Trumpty Puddin' Cry
  30. May 26, 2017
  31. PunkKitty Uppity bitchy old cat

    All are appropriate.
  32. May 26, 2017
  33. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

    It seems Kushner is going to wind up opening his back channel in federal prison in the near future.
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  34. May 26, 2017
  35. PunkKitty Uppity bitchy old cat

    We can only hope.
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  36. May 26, 2017
  37. Jbird Kick Henry Jackassowski

  38. May 26, 2017
  39. jp_nyc Kick Henry Jackassowski

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