Military officer: Nickelback and Korn are banned

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by Grant Gross, Feb 17, 2017.

    Feb 17, 2017
  1. Grant Gross Kick Henry Jackassowski

  2. Feb 17, 2017
  3. GDSmithTX Corporate cog

  4. Feb 17, 2017
  5. VoidTerraFirma Burl Purpleburst

    This man is a hero, but let's be honest...There are some very good old Creed songs out there.
  6. Feb 17, 2017
  7. Honkridge Kick Henry Jackassowski

    If this doesn't strike fear into the heart of our enemies I don't know what will.
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  8. Feb 17, 2017
  9. PunkKitty Uppity bitchy old cat

    No, there are NO good old Creed songs out there. Creed sucked.
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  10. Feb 17, 2017
  11. gtrjunior Wannabe

    People still listen to Smashmouth?
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  12. Feb 17, 2017
  13. VoidTerraFirma Burl Purpleburst

    I respectfully disagree.
  14. Feb 17, 2017
  15. Flamencology You don't deserve koa.

    I disrespect your respectful disagreement.
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  16. Feb 17, 2017
  17. gtrjunior Wannabe

    I liked Creed...just not Stapp.
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  18. Feb 17, 2017
  19. VoidTerraFirma Burl Purpleburst

    This makes me stronger.
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  20. Feb 17, 2017
  21. LeftyTom Prairie Chicken Bar & Resort, Ft Thompson SD

    No Slipknot? But they're from the heartland, Trump country!
  22. Feb 17, 2017
  23. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    VoidTerraFirma: Spite only makes him harder
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  24. Feb 17, 2017
  25. DFB Vagabond of a Western State

    They prolly are strawberry thieves. Serves them right.:eek:
    Fred McMurry is probably hiding in the green room waiting for the outcome.
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