Just bought one of those retro gaming all in one things

Discussion in 'Video Gaming' started by jbj, Nov 1, 2017.

    Nov 1, 2017
  1. jbj Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Loads of stuff on it I'll never touch like the Sega Master System, Gameboy etc... but it comes loaded with NES, SNES, N64, PS1 a bunch of other early consoles plus AMIGA!!!!
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  2. Nov 1, 2017
  3. jbj Kick Henry Jackassowski

    4d boxing and 4d tennis!!!

    Addams Family

    Desert Strike!!!

    Micro Machines

    Leathal Weapon


    Blues Brothers


    Got loads of old arcade stuff to - Turtles, Wrestlefest, Simpsons.
  4. Nov 3, 2017
  5. Wyatt Mayor McSleaze

    I hacked an NES Classic (the mini one from last year) and built a Raspberry Pi project (Retropie). I prefer the former enough I have a couple of SNES Classics but away for Christmas to eventually hack. The raspberry Pi will p[probably get reused for something else. I'm pleasantly please with how well 2d platforms style go over with tweens.

    My interest is mostly with SNES/Genesis and arcade. Through on the arcade versions of Simpsons, Sunset Riders, Tapper, Space harrier, and a few others.
  6. Nov 3, 2017
  7. jbj Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I never had a SNES so it'll be a bit of a novelty.

    I dug out my old N64 and goldeneye and took it into my last school for the kids to play with. They'd read all about it and seen videos on youtube but were amazed to get a chance to play it.

    FWIW it's nowhere near as good as I remember it :D

    I used to smoke them all at multiplayer until one of the little shits realised that if you play golden gun, find it first and then camp in a cubicle in the facility you're nigh on invincible.
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  8. Nov 13, 2017
  9. jbj Kick Henry Jackassowski


    I picked it up from the post depot earlier and got excited about firing it up.

    Turns out I don't have enough AAA batteries in the house to run all the whoosits and whotsits so it'll have to wait until tomorrow :D :facepalm:
  10. Nov 13, 2017
  11. Knox in Box Rustbelt refugee.

    Downloading the N64 games down to the Wii was a humbling experience. Although Mario64, Mayo Kart 64 and Ocarina of Time are still the best games ever.

    And I miss Banjo Kazooie. Damned Microsoft.
  12. Nov 18, 2017
  13. jbj Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Oooh not given mario kart a try yet.

    Spent the afternoon playing wrestling and the simpsons on the arcade :D

    Going to fire up Player Manager 1 on the old Amiga just now :weebz:
  14. Jan 10, 2018
  15. Danhedonia I Lick You Bcos I Like You

    A link to what you got would be nice. I miss Donkey Kong.

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