Gig Report: Interesting New Years Eve show

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by GergS, Jan 1, 2011.

    Jan 1, 2011
  1. GergS Butt

    Well, when I have stories to tell about my band adventures, they are good ones. Grab your favorite beverage and keep reading.

    First, I must say our New Years Eve show went out without a hitch. The crowd was a bit sparse but people enjoyed our music. My new Casino sounded good, my amp sounded good plus I didn't screw up any of the songs. Even Crazy Guitar Guy was subdued due to taking two Vicodins before the show due to back pain. People cleared out around 11:45 to make the trek to the small town up the road because they were dropping a sprint car from a crane at the stroke of midnight. Yes, you read this right..the rednecks got to see a sprint car drop 110 ft at midnight. It's tough to compete with this but hey we got paid. So the more interesting part starts after the show.

    We start loading up gear around 1:30 into my old Dakota. This woman pulls up beside my truck asking if her husband was in the bar. None of us had a clue who she was or who her husband was so we told her to go in and check. She gets out of her minivan and looks through the glass door to see if her husband was there and he wasn't so she got in her car to leave. She backs out the parking spot and proceeds to back over a curb and into some bushes and get stuck. We all think "great there goes us leaving early". Well, she then jams the throttle to the floor to get unstuck and rams right into the front of my truck....pushing it into the building and pinning our singer between my tailgate and the building. She keeps her foot on the throttle for about 5 seconds...smoke just pouring off the tires and then stops and backs up. She just sat in the parking lot with her 4 ways on and her head on the steering wheel. I proceed to jam my truck in neutral and push it forward to unpin my friend. Thank god he was ok...luckily Dakota tailgates are not very structurally sound so it folded and just gave him a bruised knee. In the meantime the bar owner tried to get the keys from the lady but she wouldn't give them up so he held his hand over the ignition so she couldn't get away. 911 was called and the medics showed up right away. While the bar owner went to get some info in the building, the medic took his eyes off the lady and she took off down the road. The cops were right behind her...she was doing over 100 down the highway and through a few small little towns until they were able to catch her at her home. It's amazing nobody was seriously hurt during the whole ordeal. I didn't notice at the time if she was overly intoxicated but I guess she blew a pretty high score when the cops picked her up. Truck is probably totaled due to it's age and the damage to front and rear. The gear was all ok as well and so were all of us.

    The moral of the story folks is do not drink and drive.
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  2. Jan 1, 2011
  3. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    wow, that sucks. she's gonna do some time and her insurance sure isn't going to like her. cars totaled, personal injury, dui, high speed pursuit. geez. :freak:
  4. Jan 1, 2011
  5. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    oh man, glad you guys are all ok.
  6. Jan 1, 2011
  7. Prages User Error

    Jeez. Your friend is lucky.

    Sorry you were involved in such a mess, but at least you have a story to tell and nobody was seriously hurt!
  8. Jan 1, 2011
  9. GergS Butt

    Yeah my friend is very lucky...we all were really since we were all hovering around my truck. The place has security cameras and caught the whole thing so I'm hoping to get a copy. I got to see it last night and man did I move. I don't recall ever moving that fast.

    We are all getting a good laugh about it today. The way gossip flies around this community we will be getting lots of free publicity at least.

    Last I heard the lady is locked up in the county joint. Apparently this lady tried to rob a convenience store a few weeks ago as well. I'm not sure how she was able to be out and about but who knows.
  10. Jan 1, 2011
  11. Peeker jerkass


    glad y'all made it out okay.
    gear too.

    sorry about the wheels though, that bites.

    if you get a copy of that vdeo, make sure you upload it for us;)
  12. Jan 1, 2011
  13. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    So glad no one got hurt. That is beyond luck......
  14. Jan 1, 2011
  15. aliensporebomb Fretted instrument fan

    Wow, totally psychotic. Your friend had an angel hovering over him that day for sure. Scary stuff. Yeah, post the vid!
  16. Jan 2, 2011
  17. Knox in Box Rustbelt refugee.

    Well at least you have a drunk driving story to tell your kids later that doesn't involve yourself or serious injury to friend or family.
  18. Jan 2, 2011
  19. Lerxst spaghetti and blankets

    First I'm like WTF
    Then I'm all Holy Shit
    Followed by DAMN

    Glad that you and your mates came out of all that ok.
  20. Jan 2, 2011
  21. reverend1 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Glad your friend is ok, too bad you truck didn't fair as well. At least you have a funny story to add to your rapidly expanding file.
  22. Jan 2, 2011
  23. mosiddiqi The Curry Master

    Wow! :freak:...glad your friend is ok.
  24. Jan 2, 2011
  25. Peeker jerkass

    you should be collecting these stories for a book/blog or something
  26. Jan 2, 2011
  27. Mark Wein :mad:

    I think you win "Gig of the Year" for 2010. :weebz:

    I actually passed my phone around my inlaws house last night for everyone to read this. It was quite a hit.
  28. Jan 2, 2011
  29. micwalt Hell Bound, F*g-Enabling Whore

  30. Jan 2, 2011
  31. Aahzz Habanero Evangelist

    Glad nobody got seriously hurt!
  32. Jan 2, 2011
  33. Modern Saint Starve your Fear, Feed your Dream!

    Wow.....I am glad that all is well with you, your friend and everyone else in entourage....dang.

    What a way to start 2011.
  34. Jan 2, 2011
  35. GergS Butt

    Checked in with the singer and he's doing ok..still a bit sore but the swelling went down considerably. He sent the video of it to my cell but I have to figure out how to convert the damn thing :) Looks nastier than it was really but still creeps me out. I'll throw it on as soon as I can get it converted.

    Crazy Guitar Guy was disappointed with the show in general because of no crowd and now he want's to start messing with the set list. Apparently all the songs in the first set we play too slow and we lack energy. Now he wants to add a bunch of upbeat 50's and 60's tunes to the first set. I don't mind playing that stuff but I really don't want to play all oldies during the set where I play guitar.
  36. Jan 2, 2011
  37. Mark Wein :mad:

    DOn't have pre-set set lists. learn to read the crowd and pick your songs on the fly.
  38. Jan 3, 2011
  39. Prages User Error

    That's what we do. It usually works pretty well, but sometimes it makes for a few moments of silence and/or confusion between songs.

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