I just made the best pizza ever

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by hobo, Aug 15, 2010.

    Aug 15, 2010
  1. hobo simple guitar player

    We were lucky to find some decent cheese at the import store tonight. The toppings were simple, left over barbeque shrimp, green pepper with salt, oil, pepper, onions and black olives. We used a store boughten pizza sauce which was a 6+ rating in my opinion, but tastey enough to make the pizza taste kind of professionally made.

    didn't take pic's oh well, maybe next one
  2. Aug 16, 2010
  3. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    Grilled shrimp on pizza is always good......
  4. Aug 17, 2010
  5. Lerxst spaghetti and blankets

    Homemade pizza is definitely delicious!
  6. Aug 17, 2010
  7. 12Pack Dyslexic b00n


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