Guitar review - Xaviere XV-500.

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by Chihlidog, Mar 17, 2009.

    Mar 17, 2009
  1. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Im trying to get some more guitar content up on the forum here, so I'll be reviewing all of my guitars in the near future. I'll start with the one I use most often, my Xaviere XV-500.

    First off, though I am no expert, I have to say that for about 250 bones new, the quality of wood used seems excellent. It's a 3 piece mahogany body with a veneer on the back to make it look nicer.


    I also have to say it's beautiful on the front. love0


    It's got a nice full sound unplugged, though not quite as resonant as some of the nicer guitars I have played/owned. The build quality is IMO excellent for a guitar in this price range. Fret ends are perfect, inlays are well done, etc.

    The hardware is so-so. I had a knob fall off on me a month or so after I got it. One of the knobs is a bit off, so that it rubs on the body a bit. I didnt do this. Tuners could be better, this is my biggest gripe with it. They work but that is really all that can be said about them. I'd like to stick a set of Grovers on it. I've played worse, for sure, but tuners are such an important part of a guitar that anything less than REALLY good ones sticks out. Bridge and tailpiece are fine.

    The electronics are pretty good. Some sharp drop-off on the volume controls past a certain point but nothing terrible. The pickups are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I love these GFS buckers. I intend to slap a set in my other guitars one of these days. I can honestly say this is the best sounding guitar I own. Theyre full, fat, and not harsh while still articulate enough on lower gain settings. Everything on my soundclick and all demos I have posted here were done with this guitar.

    The coil taps are great. There's a nice beefy but twangy sound with the switch in the middle position with the coils tapped.

    Overall playability is where this guitar doesnt totally suit me, unfortunately. The neck is a little fat for my tastes. It also doesnt have the "buttery" feel Im used to from a 24.75 scale. That's all a matter of personal taste though. I wish my Schecter sounded this good though I believe it will once I give it a set of the Fat PAFs.

    Too blingy for most, Im sure, but something about the gold hardware and orange flame made me want it and overall I'm glad I did. Even with the small hardware issues, one would be hard pressed to find a better guitar for the cash.

  2. Mar 18, 2009
  3. Mark Wein :mad:

    Thats pretty cool. What you describe with the hardware and whatnot seems to be par for the course with these guitars, though. Still a good value. I tried the semi hollow version with the p90s a few weeks ago and it was incredibly cool for the money....
  4. Mar 18, 2009
  5. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Were one to replace the knobs and tuners, it would be an outstanding instrument. It's too bad he doesnt make them like this one anymore.
  6. Mar 18, 2009
  7. Mark Wein :mad:

    I love the one I played..Tom had 12's on it and it was a great "roots music" guitar.

    Alexshelaxel has a strat from them, though and I didn't dig that very much...
  8. Mar 18, 2009
  9. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Really? Why not?
  10. Mar 18, 2009
  11. Mark Wein :mad:

    The strat just seemed a little "cheap". He had the typical hardware and control issues, too. Funny so say that about such an inexpensive instrument but I didn't dig it as much as the other one I tried.
  12. Mar 18, 2009
  13. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin

    I owned pretty much the same guitar, except that I had the Dream 180 pickups put into it. I was a bit underwhelmed by the pots and tuners as well, but tonally and in the finish work department I was trying to figure out how this guitar was so cheap. It sounded great and played well. The fret work was better than a couple MIA guitars I have owned. I compared this to two other LP copies from the same part of the world I have owned (Agile AL3000M, Epiphone LP Limited Edition) and it was overall a better guitar for less money than either, and 1/3 the cost of the Epiphone.

    I sold it because I needed a SC guitar for the band I am in...
  14. Apr 6, 2009
  15. Eminence_Front Osiris Chickenfingers

    looks like the twin to my ibanez acoustic.

    Flame with Gold hardware

  16. Dec 7, 2009
  17. Duffy Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    xv 500

    I just got a white xv500 a few weeks ago and it is incredible, no coil tapping but incredible sound. I love these crunchy pat pickups and it plays great and is a guitar of respectable heft and is thick with one of the best rosewood fretboards that I have ever played, smooth and beautiful. The white is quite nice, matches my Squire Deluxe Ha Ha.

    I highly recommend this guitar to anyone wanting a great guitar. New tuners are great. Mine has the new tuners and stays almost always in tune from each time I play it.

    I love my strats and other HBs but have a hard time getting away from this one even to play my telecasters.

    This new version is GREAT.


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