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    Dec 1, 2010
  1. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist


    Year: 2010
    Manufacturer: Ibanez
    Model: AMF73
    Case: None
    Color: Burst
    Condition: Brand New
    Description: Don't be fooled by its smaller size, the Ibanez AMF73 has all the power, presence and features of its larger cousins. It's perfect for smaller players or anyone else who wants the traditional semi-acoustic elements but not the traditional size.

  2. Dec 1, 2010
  3. paulskirocks Blue Zone Compliant

    Too cheap... can't be good... ;)
    I do like the looks of it... Yummy...
  4. Dec 1, 2010
  5. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    define "too cheap".
  6. Dec 1, 2010
  7. Prages User Error

    If it wasn't an Ibanez.... :weebz:
  8. Dec 1, 2010
  9. Lerxst spaghetti and blankets

    except for the massive looking headstock, I like
  10. Dec 1, 2010
  11. Mark Wein :mad:


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  12. Dec 1, 2010
  13. Coralkong Alien

    I'm with Mark on this one.
  14. Dec 1, 2010
  15. ellengtrgrl Guitar Old Timer

    It's OK, but I prefer my hollows, and semi-hollows to have larger bodies. I would assume this guitar is neck heavy, due to the large headstock.
  16. Dec 1, 2010
  17. Denverdave Resident Ragamuffin


    I definitely do not like the knobs they put on it. I'm just not sure it works visually as a package.

    Ye old like-o-meter

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  18. Dec 1, 2010
  19. paulskirocks Blue Zone Compliant

    Well, it was kind of a joke, as I am usually bitching about cost... Maybe I should have said too inexpensive... It may or not be cheap... I have an inexpensive SX tele that is cheap... so cheap that it is in pieces, and I have no intention of bothering to put it back together any time soon...
  20. Dec 1, 2010
  21. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    depends on where the strap pin is located.
  22. Dec 1, 2010
  23. Kerouac weird musical dildo

  24. Dec 1, 2010
  25. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

    I kind of like it, but I agree on the ugly giant headstock.
  26. Dec 1, 2010
  27. cfgsteak Kick Henry Jackassowski

    hmmm...leaning towards Like.
  28. Dec 1, 2010
  29. jelloman couch'd tater...

  30. Dec 1, 2010
  31. Johnny N. Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I think it's ugly. I have been looking around to see what smaller bodied semi hollows are offered and saw this one and the other one Ibanez offers. It is matte black and not quite as ugly but close. Maybe it is the giant pick guard.
  32. Dec 1, 2010
  33. Peeker jerkass

  34. Dec 2, 2010
  35. ellengtrgrl Guitar Old Timer

    True, but I doubt there's anywhere you can put it on the body, that will balance it out properly. I can put up with a little neck dive, as long as it isn't like a Hamer Steve Stevens I tried out back in the day (which was neck heavy enough, that the headstock immediately made a dive for the floor, whenever you released your hand from the neck). My main beef is its small size. It would have better acoustic resonance (which helps give some guitars that wonderfully throaty sound they have at high gain) with a larger body.
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