Great Feats in Procrastination

Discussion in 'Jack's Place' started by Dudeman1967, May 19, 2017.

    May 19, 2017
  1. Dudeman1967 Not as new as I'd hoped and aging quickly.

    I had a painted mailbox post I purchased and painted in my basement for 18 years before I finally put it up.

    I had a post I installed at the last minute when we moved into a newly constructed home 18 years ago. It was the only one I could find as the hardware store was closing on a Sunday night. I never liked it. I assumed one day a car or a teenager with a baseball bat would take out my mailbox. That's when I would replace it. That never happened. The thing just started falling apart due to age and weather.

    The new one is a beaut!

    I've had a free warranty replacement bathroom faucet to replace the one with a surface finish issue now for about ten years. No need to replace it now because because my wife wants to redo our bathroom and the faucets are outdated.

    What do you have on the to do list that never ends?
  2. May 19, 2017
  3. Theodore Pingüino Rodríguez

    Everything. :idk: It's a handicap.
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  4. May 19, 2017
  5. Devil is Dill Doubleplusgood

    I need deadlines or I won't get anything done. There has to be a happy medium between that and my in-laws' "everything needs to be done NOW!!!!" mindset.
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  6. May 19, 2017
  7. Dudeman1967 Not as new as I'd hoped and aging quickly.

    My wife never nags me. Never! I wish she would sometimes then I come to my senses.

    She just laughed when I pulled out the 18 year old mailbox post. I had to brush off 18 years of dust.
  8. May 19, 2017
  9. vonbladet r00b

    Can I get back to you on that?
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  10. May 19, 2017
  11. Bob411 Something Funny

    Started installing carpet May 5th 1990. I was a helper for 13 months so, sometime in 1991 at the latest, riding in the van to job as a helper, I see some sewing machine legs out for the garbage, asked the installer to stop so I could grab them. The top wood part was gone, just the iron bottom part with the pedals. I thought I could just make a top for it and that would make a cool little table. Brought it home to wife and I's apartment, moved them to a house we rented, moved to the first house we bought, moved to the house we are in now and have been in for 20 years, they are in my garage, waiting for me to do something with them.
  12. May 19, 2017
  13. Dogsinotpalc avuncular to no one

    In 2011 I was gonna start a similar thre...
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  14. May 19, 2017
  15. DdBob Dogue in teh desert

    for me I'd say i...fuck it
  16. May 19, 2017
  17. dodgechargerfan Kick Henry Jackassowski

    This has been home in my garage for two and a half years. I haven't touched it.
    2.5 years doesn't seem like a lot, but consider that it took 15 years to get it to this point and you'd think I'd be anxious to get it done and on the road. I tell myself that I am, but then I go out in the garage and try to do something and end wanting to toss a grenade in and walk away rather than deal with the mess.
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  18. May 19, 2017
  19. gtrjunior Wannabe

    I've been building a pedalboard for about a year now....still not done.
  20. May 19, 2017
  21. bsman b00b

    Doing stuff is overrated...
  22. May 19, 2017
  23. dodgechargerfan Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I was supposed to hang a ceiling fan today.
    I took it apart so that I wouldn't have to.

    It's an old one that I took down from our family room and was going to put out on the patio.

  24. May 19, 2017
  25. nuke_diver Monster Owner

    Painting the inside of the laundry room door. We got new doors and windows a while ago and while the primer colour matches the other colours it isn't painted. I think it's been more than 20 years :idk: my Mom was still alive when we got the doors put in and she died 15 years ago. I keep saying I should paint it...we have even painted the room but didn't paint the door because we were not sure on the colour for the door...and so it waits :facepalm:
  26. May 19, 2017
  27. jelloman couch'd tater...

    I'll read this thread later...
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  28. May 19, 2017
  29. dodgechargerfan Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Speaking of painting, we had new windows and doors put in in 2006.
    I still haven't painted the new trim.
    I'm waiting for the units to fail again. Our front door was installed 3 times before they got it right.
  30. May 19, 2017
  31. Tiltsta Show me your frittatas

    When I moved into my house 12 years ago, the previous owner left a box of sink drains for the bathroom sink. He had replaced the faucets with fancy oiled bronze looking fixtures, but didn't get around to replacing the drains. I just put them in the bathroom closet for the next owner of the house to replace as I've sold the place and move out on the 15th of next month.
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  32. May 19, 2017
  33. mikesr1963 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Hey, you don't rush perfection for fuck sakes.
  34. May 20, 2017
  35. DFB Vagabond of a Western State

    Why put off today that you can put off tomorrow?
  36. May 20, 2017
  37. dodgechargerfan Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I just saw this on FB.

    "Procrastination is like masturbation. In the end, you're just f*ing yourself."

    What if you put off masturbating? Is that getting shit done, then?

    What if you put something off to masturbate? Is that like a threesome, then?
  38. May 20, 2017
  39. gtrjunior Wannabe

    That's the spirit!

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