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Discussion in 'For Sale - the Spam Board!' started by Chihlidog, Apr 7, 2009.

    Apr 7, 2009
  1. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    You all know the deal. 5150 head and cab, great shape. Head is perfect except for some dust. Cab has a tear in the tolex, missing a "peavey" label from one side, and it has a brown stain on the grill cloth. It's in overall good shape though. Im thinkin I'd like to get 800 for it. I doubt I'll sell it here but I figure it's only fair to put it up here first.
  2. Apr 7, 2009
  3. Mark Wein :mad:

    You should put the demo video of it in your ad.....:)
  4. Apr 7, 2009
  5. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Hah. No. If I could play, maybe. And if I felt the vid really did it justice. But people know what the 5150 is.
  6. Apr 7, 2009
  7. Mark Wein :mad:

    I thought it worked....idn_smilie
  8. Apr 7, 2009
  9. Prages User Error

    I'd love to have it, but I just spent all the cash I have. Well, I've got $100. That's probably a bit lowball though, isn't it?
  10. Apr 7, 2009
  11. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    If you really want it I am sure we could work something out. I can hold it for you and I'd certainly bring the price down. I mean, yeah, a hundred is les than I could sell it for even to you :weebz: But I'd go down for you. Id GIVE it to one of you guys if I could afford to do that, but I want to pay for 1) a bass and 2) part of our upcoming D.C. trip with this amp sale so I cant afford to let it go for nothing.
  12. Apr 7, 2009
  13. Prages User Error

    Nah, don't hold it waiting for me to come up with the money.

    Go ahead and try to sell it. If I come up with the money and it's still on the market, I'll let you know.
  14. Apr 7, 2009
  15. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Well youve mentioned a few times you'd really like to have it, and I'd be willing to work with you on price, timing, trades, etc so if youre that interested then lets talk about it. I dont feel like I have to move this thing by tomorrow or anything.
  16. Apr 7, 2009
  17. Prages User Error

    I'd really like to have a lot of things though. :HB:

    Really, go ahead and try to sell it. You should be able to get $800 easily out of it.

    As much as I'd like to have it, I'm not trading you the quilty Warmoth for it. :lol:
  18. Apr 7, 2009
  19. Chihlidog Kick Henry Jackassowski

    Haha I need a bass, not another guitar. I'm gonna go ahead and put it on craigslist probably tomorrow, need to get some photos of the tear and the missing piece of the cab. You decide you want it, like I said, let me know and I'll work with ya however I have to.
  20. Apr 7, 2009
  21. Eminence_Front Osiris Chickenfingers

    Post it on HCAF and tell everyone the brown stain in question is Yngwie's vomit and I bet you could get a couple G's for it.
  22. Apr 7, 2009
  23. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    You should just keep it. It's not hurting anything by hanging at your house:aok: Next thing you know, the money will be gone and the amp will be gone.:( If I had a couple extra bucks right now, I'd buy it and hold it for ya;)
  24. Apr 8, 2009
  25. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

  26. Apr 9, 2009
  27. Prages User Error

    So, did Tele buy it or what? :weebz:
  28. Apr 9, 2009
  29. Help!I'maRock! Radical Sandwich Anarchist

    i'd like the entire package, including your DOD Thrashmaster and Jackson SIGNATURE Randy Rhoads Flying V.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2009
  30. Apr 9, 2009
  31. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I'm going to take it at the end of the month when I get back from vacation:aok: The bandmaster is going on the block I think....any takers?
  32. Apr 9, 2009
  33. Mark Wein :mad:

    How much for the bandmaster?
  34. Apr 9, 2009
  35. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I have $400 bucks in it with the new JJ tube set. Plus the shipping. It's biased, ready to go. Some of the hardware such as the plates that hold it to the cabinet and the feet are not back on it. They need the corrosion cleaned before putting them back on, along with the feet and the corners. There is no back panel and no preamp tube retention caps. I played it on 2 gigs, sounds absolutely great, but I have 3 other amps that do Fender just as well.
  36. Apr 9, 2009
  37. Mark Wein :mad:

    I am very interested but I probably shouldn't :(
  38. Apr 9, 2009
  39. telecaster911 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I know exactly what you meanbiggrin

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