Eleven Guitar carbon fiber!!

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    Nov 28, 2017
  1. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    Hi Im looking to sell my Eleven Guitar Custom made carbon fiber telecaster, it's in near perfect condition, comes in it's large custom Eleven case.
    First come first serve looking to sell it ASAP.
    Good Luck.
  2. Nov 28, 2017
  3. PunkKitty Uppity bitchy old cat

    Pictures? A price? References since you are new?
  4. Nov 28, 2017
  5. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    Pictures I can send you plenty, and yes someone recommended me to post over here I literally made account half hour ago, what references wud u like me to give u? It's not like I'm a seller, this is the only guitar I've ever owned or sold...
  6. Nov 28, 2017
  7. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    I'm looking for $2,300 I went to guitar center yesterday they offered me $1,700 but that's cuz they resell them for $3,500, so a worker there told me don't be silly just post it yourself online and I should be able to get paid much more directly from buyers Instead of shop...
  8. Nov 29, 2017
  9. Lerxst spaghetti and blankets

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  10. Nov 29, 2017
  11. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    Thanks just made an account on there as well, yesterday.
    Thank You
  12. Nov 29, 2017
  13. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

  14. Nov 29, 2017
  15. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

  16. Nov 29, 2017
  17. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

  18. Nov 29, 2017
  19. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    Are these pics any good?
  20. Nov 29, 2017
  21. Psychotronic Bored Silly

    Not really.
  22. Nov 29, 2017
  23. reverend1 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    unfortunately no. You are really going to need to up your picture and copy skills to unload the guitar at that price point.

    Pictures need to be much clear, so does the distribution. You also need to detail any irregularities, and dings etc. For instance is one of the saddles aluminum? Why doesn't it match? What kind of electronics? Who are Eleven Guitars?

    Would you buy this guitar based on the pics and distribution posted?
  24. Nov 29, 2017
  25. bsman b00b

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  26. Nov 29, 2017
  27. reverend1 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    I just looked at the Reverb listings for these. You might want to adjust the selling price. The manufacturer has had several of these listed new for $2,100 and none of them has sold, or even generated many watchers in the listings. Even though it might be a great guitar there doesn't;t seem to be the demand or interest to support that price level. It could also be that they have 7.25 radius necks. I'm not sure if they all are spooked that way. Even though it's a vintage radius it's not really what most are looking for these days.
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  28. Nov 29, 2017
  29. JoshKohn Slightly-less-n00by than a few posts ago

    Thanks for advice, I will take much better pics and upload them, all eleven guitars if u check them out are made with on saddle diff then the other two...I wouldn't buy a guitar period lol...this I got as a gift.
  30. Nov 29, 2017
  31. reverend1 Kick Henry Jackassowski

    No worries. I would note the saddle on your description. Since it's not a well known brand most people wouldn't know that it is normal.

    Just ask yourself if you would send an unknown person $2k based on the pics and description, and you should get to the right place with you ad.
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  32. Nov 29, 2017
  33. Wyatt Grandpa Whine

    I saw this and thought it looked like a miniature case.
  34. Nov 29, 2017
  35. Lerxst spaghetti and blankets

    Since you got it as a gift and don't have anything invested in this, sell it on your local craigslist. If that doesn't go any where, take whatever the best deal your local guitar shops offer.

    Selling gear online for someone who has zero feedback/rep and doesn't know much of anything about the gear is likely gonna be a headache; listing it accurately with good pics, packing and shipping, dealing with a fussy buyer who wants their money back, etc etc etc.
  36. Nov 29, 2017
  37. Wyatt Grandpa Whine

    It's a Glendale bridge ($99.99) and "Twang" saddle set ($57.99), as used by Billy Gibbons. You have to sell a buyer into wanting your guitar. Look at ll the specs and details in this ad. Buyers NEED those specs. When you buy and sell a custom guitar, especially from one that doesn't have web presence (I Googled and found nothing and the Facebook page has been defunct since 2015), you have to be able to give the specs. This isn't off the shelf, no one has any clue to neck shape and depth, pickups installed, customer wiring, weight, etc. because they are...custom and online buyers can't look over the merchandise. The fact is, it's REALLY hard to sell such an obscure brand of guitar in any market, and the market for used boutique guitars is over-saturated and very soft. Usually the only way you can get the price you want is to really give the hard sell and be patient, it may take months to find that one potential Eleven guitar buyer out there.

    But all this is silly, looks like the NEW price was $2500, take the $1700 from GC, I'm surprised they offered that much for a guitar 99.9% of the world has never heard of. Here's one sitting around for $1,950....why would someone spend $2,300?

    BTW, it's a beautiful guitar.
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