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    MISSION VIEJO – Silvia Lua missed being killed by a Metrolink train by less than a second.
    The 27-year-old and her two friends, Daniel Akins, 22, and Anastasia Bolton, 17, had spent most of Wednesday night out, meeting up near a Santa Ana bar and walking along Laguna Beach. The trio drove to Mission Viejo and, while waiting for a call from a friend, walked down to a stretch of Metrolink tracks underneath an Alicia Parkway overpass.


    Anastasia Bolton

    Watch a video about the accident:
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    Early Thursday morning, Akins and Bolton were killed by a Metrolink train that passed through the same tracks. Lua, as she explains to a 911 dispatcher, narrowly missed being killed. Investigators said they are still trying to piece together what led to the death of the two friends. Some of the answers, officials said, rest in a 911 call that Lua made minutes after her friends were killed.
    "We were just doing an adventure type thing," Lua told a dispatcher.
    As she tries to tell a dispatcher where she is, she goes down the sequence of events, trying to understand what happened.
    Click here to listen to a recording of part of the 911 call.
    Officials said the three walked down to the tracks and talked in the dark. The three then laid down on the steel tracks.
    "I don't know where I'm at," Lua told the dispatcher. "I was with my friends and we were laying on the train tracks and I passed out, and I, the train tracks passed by me and I got up and it hit my arm."
    Lua tries to tell the dispatcher where she is, but she is lost.
    "I was tired and we passed out, and right now I just woke up because the train tracks, the train passed," Lua explains. "The train passed and it woke me up, and when I woke up and I got up and I guess, it hit my arm and my leg."
    Lua tries to explain that she was not alone near the tracks but now she doesn't know where her friends are.
    "Anna?" Lua is heard on the 911 tape, looking for her friend. "I don't know where they went. Her phone's with me, but I don't know where they went."
    When deputies arrived, shoes and articles of clothing littered a 700-foot area around the tracks.
    Lua told investigators the three did not drink at the bar where they met up, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.
    Lua is still being treated for moderate injuries she suffered when she was hit by the train.
    Amormino said Lua is believed to have laid perpendicular to the tracks and got up just seconds before the train sped through. Bolton and Akins are believed to have laid down inside the tracks.
    Why the friends decided to walk down to the tracks is unknown, Amormino said.
    The case is still under investigation.
    Register reporter Sean Emery contributed to this report.
    Contact the writer: shernandez@ocregister.com or 949-454-7361
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