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Washington Co., Home Of The Tire Fire

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Kick Henry Jackassowski, from Washington Co., Home Of The Tire Fire

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    1. Zot!
      Hi Mark, I'm afraid your PM box is full up. I'd like to PM you, so please clear a little space if possible. Thanks much!
    2. B Valley
      B Valley
      Regarding the Tshirt; I could use an XL.
      My address is:
      Bruce Valley
      7194 W. Crystal Rd.
      Glendale, Az 85308

      Please let me know the total, i don't want you to have to eat the shipping.
    3. telecaster911
      Don't worry about it harm, no foul. I have people at work do that to me all day long and it's been a rough 3 weeks with folks that are trying to climb the ladder by spouting off what they know. It makes me a little edgy :-) I really don't want the forum guys to get mixed information and second guess themselves. These boards are going to be really easy to solder, heavy handed or not.
    4. parrotheada1a
      Hey Mark, just thought I'd drop you a note off the board. I hope I didn't step on your toes with my soldering suggestion. If I did, I appologize. I made that suggestion based on stuff that I've seen being RMA'd from a few of our own customers. Thing is, the stuff they seem to send back all the time is product that has been soldered with a heavy handed approach, whether it be by hand or even wave soldering.

      As for your issues with lead free... I can only assume you sell product in the European market that needs to be ROHS compliant. I don't know if it will be of help, but some of our customers get around that by using full nickel & gold plating....although pricier it eliminates solder completely.
    5. telecaster911
      multi layer stuff in small handheld sampling instruments. We seem to have been having problems since having to go lead free in our instruments. Things just aren't the same, but I'm not an electronics guy. Here's the website for where I work so you can see some of the pumps, battery chargers, and things. Some of it is resale, like the noise dosimeters and laser particle counters. I'll pass the contact information along from your website to our purchasing person.

      Thanks Jim and take good care

      Mark McFeely
    6. parrotheada1a
      Here you go:

      We are basically a bare board shop, but we have connections to companies who can populate most designs and do turnkey stuff. I do the fabrication. No bullshit, there isn't anyone working with me who hasn't been in the circuit board biz for at least 15 years. I just went over 20 yrs last August. What kind of boards do you need?

      Jim Suslowicz
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