Terms of Service and Rules

The main theme of the rules centers around the fact that this forum is an extension of Mark Wein's music school, and he has students and sometimes their parents on the forum. Some of these are minors. Try to be nice to them, and not post things that might offend and cost Mark real life business.

So, here are the main rules.

The Golden Rule - Don't be a dick.

Seriously. Be nice to people. Don't take troll bait. DON'T BE A DICK.

1. No political discussions.
2. No religion discussions (talking about a church band you play with is fine, but the more existential arguments should be avoided)
3. No porn
4. No images of firearms, drugs, etc. (this is a google indexing thing, and the site would lose the click ads that pay for it)
5. No shitstorm personal attack threads. We let you argue, but when it gets really mean, we lock threads.
6. Please avoid swearing in thread titles. You can swear all you want inside threads, but not in the titles
7. Please avoid derogatory remarks related to sexual orientation, gender orientation, race, etc. We strive for an accepting community where everyone is welcome.

I guess it is all pretty much common sense. So, welcome and enjoy the forum. We are always happy to see new members and their gear.

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