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  1. DFB
    DFB Highernoon
    I agree ,but this is a country of pussies.
    You have to eatcj what you say.
    1. Highernoon
      I did hear a story or two about sensitivity in the US that surprised me.
      Sep 16, 2017
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  2. DFB
    DFB Highernoon
    Like I said,bad joke.
    I am not a racialist.
    1. Highernoon
      Me neither, but it doesn't mean I can't find racist jokes funny.
      It's in the context.
      Sep 16, 2017
  3. DFB
    DFB Highernoon
    They Jew'ed you on the shipping.
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    2. Highernoon
      Thanks :)
      Sep 16, 2017
  4. DFB
    DFB Gary Blanchard

    I am sorry but I don't think I can meet up during your trip to Denver.

    It pains me,but life took a wrong turn.

    You are staying in The DTC ?
    Arvada is not close, but I thinks You would love The Olde Town Pickin Parlor.
    Nice selection of acoustic guitars.
    Ask Denver Dave and Kerouac.

    Carol might slap me around if you go there.

    Best Wishes.
  5. fused
    In the fight of my life.... Weapon of choice.... Guitar.... Taking no prisoners...
  6. fused
    In the fight of my life...
  7. jelloman
    Still rooting for the giant asteroid...
  8. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox
    We're strangers and I hope I don't offend (at all), but you seem to think you can just "go get" a college teaching job. I know a whole bunch of college instructors - the only one who has a 'nice gig' is an endowed chair at a Pac10 University.

    The others are all Ph.D.'s, and make less than me, and battle for their positions.
  9. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox

    I can't wait to retire, but I also love my job. I wish I'd done it a lot sooner.
    Let me know if you have questions.
  10. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox
    4. Summers. This cannot be overstated. You're paid. You (should) have already signed your contract for next year. It's a real vacation, something that hardly exists in America.

    It's not for everyone. But I'll quote my mentor "the thing about teaching here is, if you like people, you're gonna see 150 of them every day. And if you don't like people, you're going to see 150 of them every day."
  11. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox
    3b. You'll always have a job. Seriously. College teaching gigs are fewer and unusually distributed. We've had teachers leave and come back, no problem.
  12. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox
    3a. From a much more practical vantage point, you will find better pay and more job stability as a HS teacher. Teaching college is worse pay (and I am a HS teacher) and just ridiculous instability. If your drinking buddy is the department chair, this cancels out.
    1. rickenvox
      Interesting. Well I'm in my grad program for linguistics (and not ESL) so what I end up with is a little more specialized than most high school classes. But I did notice that you can teach English in community colleges with an undergrad in English and masters in Linguistics. It also depends on whether I do my entire program and get a pHD.
      Aug 19, 2017
    2. rickenvox
      #2 -And I could end up going into something more research oriented. Who knows!? Just want to get out of the tech industry which never interested me that much, I'm just good at it. Thanks for the advice! High school does sound interesting.
      Aug 19, 2017
  13. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox

    I am the same old grumpy asshole as always, but every now and then I manage to do something right and convince a kid that they are a valuable person, and it is a privilege. Or, I can see them become great people despite me and my personality flaws.

    2. You're needed. You just are. Yeah, you, specifically you.
  14. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox

    1. The kids are incredible. I can see two reasons to teach: you LOVE the subject, or you really like people. The HS kids are amazing people, and your days are filled with incredible interpersonal interactions. This part of teaching vastly exceeded my expectations, and is the most significant thing I do these days.
  15. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia rickenvox
    Realized I should've PM'd you.

    y-o-u-r-'-e. (hahahhahhahahahhahaha ..... teasing)

    Let me encourage you to consider high school teaching, even though it's incredibly hard.
    ecome great people despite me and my personality flaws.
  16. DFB
    DFB Mark Wein
    It does suck that the forum has taken a downturn.

    I feel it will resolve itself.
    Your forum has been a source of entertainment, knowledge for years.

    It sucks that a few people can't get along.

  17. DFB
    DFB smurfco
    Dude,I hope you are ok.
    When in doubt call Howie. lol
  18. Fren Asken
    Fren Asken
    Get your Rock Face on!
  19. mannydingo
    mannydingo Modern Saint
    Hi, I read your $50 Rockman Ultimatum find post. If you've gotten bored with the Ultimatum pedal, wanna sell it? If yes, how much?
    1. Modern Saint
      Modern Saint
      I bought it because I am a Rockman fan and seeking there products when I can. Sorry but have no intentions of selling.
      Aug 6, 2017
  20. CBHScott