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  1. Louise H. Cronk
  2. jelloman
    Back from road trip...
  3. jelloman
  4. instantsteve
    instantsteve jelloman
    Message eaten. Send again later!
  5. DFB
    DFB Lerxst
    I don't want to hijack the poast any more. I just wanted to say sorry for your loss of your Grandparents.

    Avalon is a nice beach
    I spent many years there just looking at the ocean
    I lived on Brigantine at the time,but I had to get away.

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  6. DFB
    DFB Knox in Box
    No problem, thank you.
  7. DFB
    DFB Knox in Box
    Hey I was wondering if you tried a Dowina acoustic. They are made in Slovakia .There is only one importer in the US,and it happens to be a few miles from my house.
    The seem to be popular in Eastern Europe. I want to get another opinion on the brand.
    Sorry if this is an intrusion .


    1. Knox in Box
      Knox in Box
      Never saw one, sorry.

      Unless they are in it with Furch guitars, and I love them. A 650€ Furch just blew a 3,800 Taylor clean out of the water yesterday. If I didn't have a great acoustic at home mostly collecting dust I would be saving a little right now.

      Have a good one, sorry I couldn't help more than that.
      Jan 24, 2017
  8. Danhedonia
    Danhedonia Theodore
    Former Matador worker, AMA.
    1. Theodore
      Far out.
      Jan 22, 2017
  9. jelloman
    Another lap around the sun...
  10. DFB
    DFB jelloman
    How do I send you drum $?
  11. Modern Saint
    Modern Saint
    Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do!
  12. jelloman
    I miss linthat22...
  13. OGG
    I gotchyer status right 'ere tough guy!
  14. LeftyTom
    LeftyTom Tiltsta
  15. LeftyTom
    LeftyTom Theodore
    I be in your profile, stalking you.
    1. Theodore
      Hello to everybody reading this in the sidebar.
      Dec 18, 2016
    2. Theodore
  16. linthat22
    linthat22 Mark Wein
    Hey Mark, would you mind deleting my account and all the stuff associated? I haven't been participating as much as I was in the past and I don't want to add clutter to the database.

    Thank you sir!
  17. Judd
    Judd Kerouac
    Is that Languedoc G4 still for sale?
  18. mongooz
    mongooz Mark Wein
    when you get a chance, could you PM me my password? somehow i got logged out overnight and i don't remember what i had my password set to. the one i remember doesn't work. i can access the site by using my facebook, but i have to keep logging in and i'm not logged in as mongooz then.
  19. mongooz
    mongooz Tiltsta
    for some reason i got "signed out" over night, and now what i remember as my password, now doesn't work. any chance you can PM me what i had my password set to, so i can change it to something i WILL remember? or do i need to as Mark for this?
    1. Tiltsta
      I think you need to ask Mark for that. I don't have access to the password information. Sorry.
      Nov 17, 2016
  20. Jeff I. Nelson
    Jeff I. Nelson
    This is Jeff a small and straightforward man.