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Here are the lessons that I produced for Truefire.com for the "Next Top Guitar Instructor 2014" contest:

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More... Blues    


Blues Progressions, Vocabulary, Styles, Rhythm guitar and more!

By Administrator

A series of lessons that will guide you through both the theory end of the blues as well as the…

More... Pentatonic Cellmates 1    

Pentatonic Cellmates 1

Pentatonic Scales

Deconstructing and re-imagining your pentatonic scales.

By Administrator

Go to our Pentatonic and Blues Scales if you'd like to brush up on your pentatonic scales before doing this…

More... Major Scales and CAGED    

Major Scales and CAGED

Use the CAGED system to learn your Major scales.

By Administrator

Start with the root patterns in all five CAGED boxes, learn the Major scale all over the fretboard, harmonizing the…

More... Technique    


Get your hands working the way you want them to.

By Administrator

Lessons on picking, sweeping, bending, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more!

More... Hot Licks!    

Hot Licks!

Solo licks in a ton of styles....

By Administrator

Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk licks in the styles of Hollywood Fats, Charlie Christian, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Taylor, Albert King, Miles Davis,…

More... Articles    


Lessons and blogs I've written over the years that are not included in my new blog.

By Administrator

Surviving blues jams, treating overuse injuries, how to learn on the guitar and more....

More... Time and Rhythm    

Time and Rhythm

Lessons on how time works in music.

By Administrator

Skills that most Guitarists need the most and usually work on the least.

More... Rhythm Guitar    

Rhythm Guitar

The most important of all guitar skills.

By Administrator

Everything from basic strumming lessons to more complex lessons with charts and mp3 backing tracks!

More... Minor Scales    

Minor Scales

Building off of our Major Scales lesson series...

By Administrator

Continue with the lessons on Natural and Harmonic Minor scales, Relative scale relationships and practical applications!

More... Intervals and Chord Construction    

Intervals and Chord Construction

Pulling your understanding of Harmony from the scale lessons.

By Administrator

Understanding relationships between notes and how to pull your chord tones from "parent" scales.

More... Pentatonic and Blues Scales    

Pentatonic and Blues Scales

Everything Pentatonic!

By Administrator

A large section of lessons devoted to making the most out of our favorite scales for Rock, Blues and Jazz!

More... Modes    


Where to go after you've learned Major and Minor Scales!

By Administrator

The construction, practical applications and theory behind one of the most misunderstood concepts for guitarists on the internet.

More... Solo Strategies    

Solo Strategies

Concepts for the advancing soloist.

By Administrator

Now that you've learned some theory here are some ideas to bring those notes to life!

More... Foundations for Guitar    

Foundations for Guitar

My method for teaching note reading, rhythm guitar and technique to beginning and intermediate guitarists.

By Administrator

This section includes mp3's and video helper lessons for the book.

More... MWGLforums.com    


Have you ever eaten a Habanero?

By Administrator

Our online community for musicians with subforums for music instruction, gear talk, music performance and recording and general conversation.

More... My Blog - LoveHateGuitar.com    

My Blog - LoveHateGuitar.com

Some times I play the guitar, sometimes the guitar plays me.

By Administrator

Where I rant about everything Guitar these days....usually something new about once a week!

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